Are Limousines Tacky? A Luxury Vehicle Expert's Perspective

Limousines are a type of luxury vehicle, usually driven by a chauffeur with a partition between the front and back seat.

Traditional limousines

tend to be longer than standard sedans and can generally carry five or six passengers, excluding the driver. However, stretchy limousines are longer vehicles that can sometimes accommodate more than 10 passengers. These vehicles are associated with a luxury driving experience and often include high-quality sound systems, televisions, bars, and even light shows.

Stretchy limousines have become status symbols among teenagers going to prom and newlyweds looking to impress their guests. But where did the term “limousine” come from in the first place? It almost certainly comes from the grass cover of the French province of Limousin, but there is no obvious link between the rural region and these luxury engines. Traditionally, limousines are usually stretchy versions of other luxury vehicles, such as Hummers and Chryslers. Limousines are a popular choice at weddings because they usually accommodate at least 10 people and are associated with luxury.

We've even heard of some limousine owners who have taken special features further and have included extras such as hot tubs or home theater systems. One theory suggests that the hoods of limousine carriages looked like the hoodies lifted from the capes of limousine shepherds. Peter recommends booking your wedding car, limousine or otherwise, at least nine to 12 months before the big day if you're getting married in the peak wedding season and “at least six months before your wedding day in the off season”. After all, limousines follow the “bigger is better” regulation and offer unparalleled comfort and class to those who can afford it. So, are limousines tacky? Ultimately, it depends on personal preference.

While some may find them ostentatious, others may appreciate their luxurious features and consider them a symbol of status. Whether you choose to rent a traditional or stretchy limousine for your wedding day is up to you.

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