The History of the Limousine: From Shepherds to Stretchy Cars

The limousine is a luxurious car that has been around for centuries. In 1889, the first limousine car was introduced in Paris, France. The word limousine actually comes from the French word “limousin”, which was an old province full of farmland and shepherds. The first limousine for cars was invented not long after the first car was invented, in 1902. In the United States, the limousine subcategories in 1916 were the Berliner and the Brougham.

The Berliner was a limousine with the driver's seat fully closed, while the Brougham was a limousine without a roof above the driver's seat. The first limousines were much more compact than the stretchy limousines we know today. They had a partition that separated the driver from the rear passenger compartment. It wasn't until 1928 that a company in Fort Smith, Arkansas, called Armbruster created the first “elastic limousine”.

This is when limousines started to become popular for airport transportation and other special occasions. Modern limousines often include features such as minibars, sound systems, refrigerators and very comfortable seats. SUVs and vans offer more space and comfort and can carry up to 20 people. In some countries, such as the United States, Germany, Canada and Australia, a limousine service can consist of any pre-booked rental vehicle with driver, usually, but not always, a luxury car.

Classic brands have developed impressive luxury limousines with cutting-edge technology, such as the Rolls Royce Phantom. The origin of limousines is based on incorporating protection for the driver who remembered the layers of these peasants. One theory suggests that the hoods of limousine carriages looked like the hoodies lifted from the capes of limousine shepherds. Limousines are known for their privacy and comfort, which is why they are so popular for special occasions like proms or weddings. The limousine has a long history that dates back nearly 100 years. It has evolved from its early days as a compact car with a partition between the driver and passengers to today's stretchy cars with modern amenities and technology.

Limousines are still popular today for airport transportation and special occasions due to their privacy and comfort.

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